Monday, May 18, 2015

postheadericon Day 1 - Photo Crush

Well THIS was a surprise.  The task was to find ALL the digital photos you have ANYWHERE!  I had several SD cards and several DS cards full of goodness-knew-what.  I copied them all over into a new file I named "Cards".  Then to the camera that has a large internal card, also my phone and tablet.  Swell!  Now I have:

Mind you, I haven't sorted out the duplicates yet.  It does feel good to get all of the photos in one place.  In each folder are the monthly folders with folders for each date a photo was taken

This has worked for me since 1998, but putting ALL of the digital photos EVER in that organization ...well, I don't feel very smug about that.  I am going to take a look at one of the duplicate-finders other classmates have suggested.
Monday, May 11, 2015

postheadericon PhotoCrush

In the 17 years since buying my first digital camera, I have accumulated digital photos by the thousands.  It is just SOOO easy to snap as many as 10 shots of something to be sure you get the best...then have trouble deleting the rejects.  You might NEED those imperfect shots sometime.  Besides, what grandma can delete even fuzzy shots of those grandchildren?  I have a 2T external hard drive and a 1T for back up.  Still, I feel there are just too many photos and I can't always find what I want.

The photos are identified automatically by date: (year-month-day).  Even when I enhance with Adobe Light Room, that identification remains basically the same.  The photos then are organized into folders for the day inside a folder for the month inside a folder for the year.

So what are my organizational problems?

Well, first, unless I know the date on which a photo was taken, I have to go through months, maybe years of photos.  I would like to be able to find an older photo more easily.

The second is far too many photos.  I need to cull them down to a manageable number.

The third problem is how to file photos from other people, mostly my daughter's photos of her family taken from email or Facebook.  They aren't identified like mine by date or any other code I can crack.

So I signed up for a free course from Jennifer Wilson of  Simple Scrapper called PhotoCrush. I hope to find some answers to my photo organizational problems. 
Sunday, March 22, 2015

postheadericon Repairing Damaged Photos with Photoshop

This was how I found this precious photo of his grandparent's wedding.  I also used these steps to repair a torn document, recently.

First I scanned each piece separately.  With the document, it was sent to me all in one scan with spaces between the pieces.

I moved the separate pieces onto a document in Photoshop.  I use adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 4.  The steps wouldn't be much different for other versions of Photoshop Elements or Creative Suite.  Using the lasso tool I removed the white around each photo piece.  Then I aligned the pieces to each other.

This could be tedious if you have many pieces and aren't sure where they fit.  Fortunately, this was only 4 pieces.  Then I used the clone tool to duplicate color and pattern to the tears that showed.  This is done by holding down the [alt] and moving the o with the x in it to an area very close to the tear.  Reduce the size, using the [ key until it is just a smidgen larger than the area being repaired.  let the alt key up and start carefully painting in over the tear.  Reposition the o with the x in it whenever the areas don't match.  I usually magnify the area on which I am working enough to work with detail.  You can repair edge tears, etc this same way.
Then use your filters, sharpening and smoothing tools to bring up the details as you want.

Then you can scrap or not as you want.  I chose NOT to use filters to make the differences in tone blend in.  I wanted the aged look.  I tried to fix the groom's mouth but there wasn't enough there to duplicate and other things I tried looked bad.  I think he may have had a light mustache, but this wasn't my family and I didn't know.

Friday, December 12, 2014

postheadericon Restarting Scrapping - The Holidays

It has been a long, dry spell, scrapping-wise since the Digital Scrapbook Place closed.  I decided to make a few holiday pages and see how that worked. 

 Though not technically holiday themed, This year's high school football season lasted almost into Thanksgiving.  My son-in-law was Defensive Coordinator for a local high school team that went within one game of playing in the finals at Ford Field.  His wife and two daughters went to the home games.  This page commemorates the great season the Huron Chiefs had.

Thanksgiving was at my house this year.  We alternate Thanksgivings with the other grandmother. 

I don't "do" Black Friday but the next day is Small Business Saturday, especially as celebrated in Wyandotte.  That town is less than 10 miles North.  I grew up there until age 9 or 10 so I feel very nostalgic about the place.  We had lunch, visited lots of the shops, rode the trolly and Abby chatted with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

No pictures of the girls' school Christmas program this year.  I was to go on Thursday, but Abagael developed a fever in school so I picked her up and kept her home with me for the day and evening.  We will just have to remember fondly previous programs and look forward to next year.

More Holiday pages to come.

Friday, July 18, 2014

postheadericon The End of Decade with DSP (Digital Scrapbook Place)

I just loved this photo of Gabby looking at the waves on the beach near Sebastian.

I have not done much scrapping since the Digital Scrapbook Place defaulted to a different owner who then sold it to another scrapbooking company who then closed the site down.  There was a very close group of members, many in a forum called The Grannies. Many met weekly with various designers in the chat room.  They tried to stay together and loosely formed a couple of groups on Facebook, but it isn't the same.  No more making a nice fresh hot cup of coffee and sitting down to see what was going on in my favorite forums.  Now I go to Facebook, but, other than the local memories group, there isn't much.  I have lost the day-to-day goings on with my friends.  Several ladies I considered very close friends seem to have disappeared altogether.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

postheadericon Digi-Scrapping again-First Communion

 My younger granddaughter's First Communion on May 3 gave me plenty of opportunity to scrap photos of her and the family.

 Her mother started with photos of the preparation leading up to the big ceremony.  The first was choosing The Dress.  Her other grandmother and her mother went shopping with her and, in spite of nearly 20 other dresses, this was the one she chose over and over again.

On the Big Day, Mother's friend, Lorri, created the perfect hair-do for the veil they had chosen. 

 Even Abby's American Girl Doll got a First Communion dress.  Big Sister, Gabby, fixed the doll's hair to match Abby's.

Abbys big sister, Gabby, and their cousin Alyvia were Alter Servers for the First Communion Mass.
After the Mass, Abby and her class posed for the cameras of parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends.  They were so patient!

 Abby's cake was lovely.  The design was a surprise to Abby.

 The party for friends and family was at her Grandmother Suchy's house.  No one can agree on the number of guests, but there were a lot.  Abby was a lovely co-hostess.

Here are photos of a few of the guests, some coming from the Irish Hills and Toledo for the big day.

The next Sunday was Mother's Day and the two events seemed to run right into each other.

At last, we were home from Florida with the family and chances to take photos of events.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

postheadericon A New Project - reclaiming old skills

On Facebook there is a group of artists who are creating art journals from weekly planners.  It took me a few weeks to actually get a handle on what they were doing but here it is in a nutshell.

Project Details

Moleskine Weekly Planner
ALL of your art pens, pencils, brushes, markers
Plenty of papers to alter
sprinkles and sparkle
stamps and stamp-pads

My take on it is to just put the really important happenings on the planner page for each week.  So far I am lettering in the given spaces.  All 7 days are on the left side.  Some artists are painting, coloring, adding pattern, all kinds of takes on what to do with that side of the pages for the week.

The right side is lined for journaling about the week.  I am doing that, so far.

THEN a piece of art paper is adhered to the right side along the right edge with some pretty Washi tape.  I had to go buy some and hit a sale at Michaels so the edges of the pages are getting really pretty!  Some of the artists are creating the art piece each week first THEN adhering it to the book and some are creating right in the book.  There is a temptation to put all 52 of the papers in the book with Washi tape just to see how pretty it is.  I am not that confident that I will create what I like right from the start.

Here are the challenges.  I will add to them each week.  I will also add my attempts to regain an artistic bent I used to have many, many years ago.

Overview of project

January 1, 2014 - Week One - Photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door.

January 5, 2014 - Week Two - Selfie

January 12, 2014 - Week Three - Add an envelope from your mailbox.

January 18, 2014 - Week Four - Write a secret message then paint over all but one key word.

January 25, 2014 - Week Five - Add a doodle border.

February 1, 2014 - Week Six - Open your Pinterest board and be inspired.

February 8, 2014 - Week Seven - Draw one shape - repeat - add color.

February 15, 2014 - Week Eight - Add a flap to your flap.

February 22, 2014 - Week Nine - Collage something you recycled.

March 1, 2014 - Week Ten - Make a list of the things that make you YOU.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

postheadericon My Holiday Album

I think I about finished my Holiday Album.  Here are the last ones.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

postheadericon Falling behind

This is the 12th day of December and I only have 6 pages done.  I have been so busy DOING I haven't had chance to scrap.  I did finish this one yesterday.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Not only did I take a break from blogging over the last few months, I did very little scrapping altogether.  The girls are growing up and I don't see as much of my granddaughters as I used to.  They are so very busy with figure skating, school, and home and Lakehouse living.  I still try to take photos of every event so the photos are there, just not as many to scrap as before.

In looking about the online scrapbooking community, I saw a class at Simple Scrapper with daily prompts to create some kind of record of this Holiday season.  The daily prompts and camaraderie in the Facebook group created for this activity are keeping me going and here are the first results.

Now if I can just remember to take photos as we decorate around the house.
Monday, December 2, 2013

postheadericon Long Vacation.

It hasn't QUITE been a year since my last blog entry but it has been busy.  So busy, in fact, that scrapbooking has taken a back seat...way back. 

My Book of Me is ALMOST finished.  I was stuck on a page and never moved on.  In the near future I may post the rest of the pages.  I may just skip the page that is bothering me and finish the book and have it printed.  My apologies, Linda Sattgast.

My scrapbooking "Home", The Digital Scrapbook Place, underwent a change of ownership, causing turmoil among the regulars, especially the Granny forum, which has flourished for many years and several meet-ups.  We formed a Facebook group so we never loose track of each other.  Another change and DSP is now affiliated with MyMemories.  It is all confusing and, like a few others, I have sort of dropped out to let things settle and see where I want to be. 

My other favorite store, Digital Scrapbooking Artisan Guild, went .out of business, too, and the designers merged with Pickleberry Pop.  There I can still find the gorgeous kits I used to get in the DSAG monthly club.

Meanwhile, I set about sorting my 2 terabytes of digital scrapbooking elements gathered for over 15 years.  The first ones came from an FTP site.  That was before any of the digital stores were created.  It has been a difficult time with sorting taking hours each day and I am not half finished, I fear.  I returned to an original method of sorting according to month and theme.  This was how I organized my classroom materials when I was teaching and it works for me.

By theme:
JANUARY-winter, snow, new year, travel (we travel to Florida every Jan-May)
FEBRUARY-Valentines, love, red, pink
MARCH-St Patrick's, green
APRIL-spring, Easter
MAY-garden, flowers, Mother
JUNE-Dad, graduation, wedding
JULY-Fourth, patriotic
AUGUST-pool, summer
OCTOBER-fall, Halloween
NOVEMBER-hunting, Thanksgiving

Then I added these categories that didn't fit months:
Especially designed for me or by me

Many kits and elements didn't fit into these categories so I am putting those in categories by their purpose:
Background papers
Clip art
Digital Stamps
Edges and boarders
Groupies and Frames
Instant Albums
Journaling Blocks
Kits (these are arranged by designer)
Ploppers and Instant pages
Quick Pages
Word Art

Eventually my "By Company" file will be empty but I have a long way to go.  One great advantage is that I will have a lot more space on that hard drive because of all the duplicates I am finding.  Since I rename everything to "designer_type of item_name of item"  Duplicates are obvious.
Thursday, March 15, 2012

postheadericon About Me - March

postheadericon About Me-February

The theme this month was to be about who *I* am.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

postheadericon About me.

This is the first page of my new album about me.  I am taking the course "Your Story Brilliant" from Digital Scrapper.  It is a year-long class guiding us through scrapping one chapter or one page (as you want) of your own life each month.  This does not follow the usual chronological arrangement of topics.  It started with January..."who do you love?" The above is my first page because the love of grandparent for grandchildren is so very strong.  Here are the others from this first month.
I cannot wait for February!!!



Forty Years of Scrapping

Long before it was popular, I was trying to decorate arrangements of photos and sentimental items. Here I want to share some of my personal history and more important, some ideas I have gleaned from more than 40 years of scrapping.


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