Thursday, March 1, 2007

postheadericon Part 5 - Digital at Last

During my second year with Scrapbooking.Com online magazine, and my second year retired from the classroom, we headed to Florida for 6 weeks and to check out a house from my Father-in-Law.

You can't POSSIBLY imagine all I hauled with me so I could keep up with my job. I was also representing the company on a scrapbooking cruise sponsored by my local scrapbook store by teaching some classes on the cruise. I had 13 pieces of luggage to take on board the ship. That was only PART of what I had hauled down from Michigan.

The second year going to Florida I was no longer with SB.C but still managed to fill a pick-up with scrapping supplies. Cruising the Internet I discovered some digital scrapbooking sites. By the time we left for home in the spring I was converted 100%. My sister-in-law and my niece relieved me of a lot of the product in the garage. I just couldn't part with my favorite papers, rubber stamps or bags. Then one new scrapper in the family had a baby and more was given away. Another was making a scrapbook for her grandfather who was not expected to live much longer and more was gone. Now I only have a couple of bags and a tackle box of supplies and some tools.

For the last few years I have been content to join challenges and attend chats on various websites, most often the Digital Scrapbook Place. My gallery there is so big I am actually embarrassed over it.
lauraloub gallery at DSP


RoadMap4Us said...

I read your blog! Loved hearing about the background and can't wait for the announcement. I do think I have it figure out though so I'm all registered and ready to go!


Crystal said...

My goodness, what a rich scrapbooking history you have! - I had no idea. Best of luck to you as you go forward. I'm proud to "know" you!


meryl said...

Laura, I have so enjoyed your blog, it is wonderful to read all your history - amazing :) Look forward to visiting often!

Anonymous said...

Read the whole blog, LL -- great job!! (I like that each entry fits on one page in my browser -- handy.)

Think I might be able to guess the surprise, too. Will eagerly await your announcement. ;-}

Jen Ulasiewicz said...

I know what your new chapter is *teehee* but I won't say anything :)

Why would you be embarrased about how big your gallery is? I think that's awesome! *hugs*


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