Thursday, March 1, 2007

postheadericon Part 3 - Still Working with Paper and Paste

The owner of my local scrapbook store and her relatives were an energetic bunch. On the flight back from a convention they were talking about how disappointed they were. Then someone said they thought THEY could do better and soon the Great Lakes Mega Meet was born. Looking for workers brought them to the MIscrappers for volunteers. They gave me the honor of being one of the few paid workers and, boy, did I work! They had printed 20,000 show booklets and those were gone before noon on the second of the 3 days. Taking tickets, giving out passes, selling classes, selling tickets and giving out booklets was all in one place and that was my area. My girls worked their tails off and I was making runs back to the office and safe with wads of cash every few minutes. No one had expected this response to the first scrapbook expo in the Great Lakes area.

Over the next few years my duties changed to liaison to the instructors, many of them the "names" in the business. Getting to know them was a delight, whether I was able to attend their classes or not. I really bonded with some of them and miss them most from the paper world.

At one of the expos I won a page layout contest. Now those who know me know I rarely compete. Too thin-skinned about not winning I guess. But we were so afraid there wouldn't be enough entries we all put something into the contest. So did the public and it was a large contest after all. I got to know the ladies from Scrapbooking.Com through the contest and win. A year or so later there was a call for editorial designers for the company and I applied.


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