Thursday, March 1, 2007

postheadericon Part 4 - A Surprise Professional

Well, I got the job with Scrapbooking.Com. I was a professional! I was writing articles, tutorials with pictures, and technique lessons. An article and 8 layouts a month was a lot to do and I was working or thinking about layouts all the time.

When the SB.C Editor found my son-in-law was also scrapping with me, he was hired just to make layouts. For a while he was the only male in our scrapbook world as far as anyone knew. He has become too busy with family, teaching, and coaching to pursue this hobby, but I hope he comes back to it soon. His precision and geometric style are unique.

All of our work is still archived at Scrapbooking.Com.
Laura Lou at SB.C
Michael at SB.C

The biggest thrill about being a "pro" was being able to attend HIA (now CHA, I think) in Anaheim, California. I was able to meet the other designers I knew only from email, forum, and teleconferences. "Doing" the show was amazing but as tiring as working for the Great Lakes Mega Meet (GLMM). Many of the "names" from the GLMM were there and it HAD to make an impression on my bosses when I was greeted with hugs.

Finally after 2 years and several changes of administration, only 2 of the original EDs were left. One more change and we were gone too. Because of our length of service we were allowed to keep all of the product which had been sent to each of us by the scrapbooking companies. I had even been given a Sizzix and a whole set of alpha dies. Many of the companies just sent us their whole line and were happy that we used and credited their materials in 2 or so layouts. I had a garage full of supplies and equipment.


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