Thursday, January 22, 2009

postheadericon A Vacation from the Vacation

We had only been in Florida for a week when I left for a laptop-crop (meeting of digital scrappers) in Salt Lake City. It was a rare chance to meet a dear cyber-friend from Oman. There were 17 of us at the crop, many who had never met before, but all friends from a digital scrapbooking web site (The Digital Scrapbook Place - DSP).

First off, I am 70 years old. To go off alone on an adventure like this amazed me. I had never seen the rugged mountains of the West except from the air on the way to California twice. I had met, in person, only two of the 17 ladies. As it turned out, every lady was exactly as they present themselves in the forums. No real surprises except how comfortable we were together from the first minute.

Ten of us met Friday night for dinner...a LATE dinner for me since I had skipped 2 time zones. Really late for the member and her children from Oman, by way of Trinidad. Their internal clocks must be really messed up.

Saturday was the 12-hour laptop-crop at the hotel in a meeting room. Most of us actually got something scrapped, but there was more talking and snacking than scrapping.
Fran, my roommate, corralled a "stranger" in the hallway during the scrap and invited her to join us to see what it was all about. She had looked SO like she belonged to our little group, especially toting a laptop. She had actually been attending a baby shower next door. It turned out that she is the author of Dear Myrtle, one of the premier heritage websites on the Internet. Many of us knew her from the blog and loved meeting her in person. If you look at my list of favorite web-sites, "Dear Myrtle" is the second one listed.

I will save the rest of the 5 days in SLC for the next entry.


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