Thursday, January 29, 2009

postheadericon A Heritage Win

Anyone who hangs out at Meryl Bartho's Heritage Chat on Wednesday nights at The Digital Scrapbook Place knows I rarely miss that chat, for almost 5 years, now. Lately, I haven't been able to do many heritage layouts, but I attend just the same.

Finally yesterday morning I did one for her current challenge, Glamorous. The layout was in my mind and Meryl had the perfect elements for the layout. Within an hour or so it was in the Heritage gallery.

Last night it won the weekly secret vote of those attending the chat. I was, as the Aussies say, Chuffed! Meryl had some nice comments about it but I was doubly surprised when I started getting congratulations. Meryl had nominated the layout for The Hall of Fame at DSP. I was dancing around. That was a first for me.

Then I also heard that a layout of mine was on the list of "100 Most Viewed Layouts". Not one I would have guessed at all. I wonder what lists they will come up with next.

Credits is my new "Flair" at DSP.


Meryl said...

A very well deserved Hall of Famer too Laura! Congratulations on a beautiful page :)

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