Saturday, September 20, 2008

postheadericon CHATIQUE #13 - Re-loading Your Computer

My stars must not have been in good position last week.

1. Suddenly the TV in my craft room wouldn't hold a picture. I am sorry, but listening to my favorite TV shows just doesn't cut it. Besides, my exercise DVDs (Yoga for the Rest of Us, and the NutriSystem Silver-1 to 4 mile walk) won't play anywhere else. I haven't heard from the repair shop so I am still listening to my MP3 player.

2. My computer, the big PC, gave me that blue screen of death with "directions" no one could understand. My neighbor came over and we couldn't get that baby to boot for more than a second or two then...back to the blue screen. SO...into the shop Monday morning...TV, computer, and, finally, the computer from Florida we brought home in April. Mine was the death of one of the memory modules so I bought a bigger one...I HAD to, didn't I?

It was really nice to get the computer back Thursday, I had included Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 2 and Family Tree Maker with all the other CDs and they had installed it perfectly. I have a few purchased programs to add, and a few free from the web. I have a list...of course I do!

  • Goober messenger so I can talk to a few of my old Hello friends who never went to Yahoo.
  • Picasa 3 - The best way to organize and clean up photos I know. I can't believe it is free!
  • Rhapsody (not free but I bought the code) so I can listen to music, buy pieces, rip and put stuff on my MP3 player.
  • MAYBE Uniblue...I bought two of their suite. Kim Komando recommends them so they must be OK.
  • Print Folders from Stratopoint Software. I NEED to be able to print what is in my folders and this utility is The Best.
  • Trillian so I can talk to my brother who is on AIM and still watch for friends on 3 other chat clients.
  • Tiny Spell 1.7- so I don't ALWAYS appear to be the "creative speller" that I am.
  • Art Rage 2 - because I bought it and ONE DAY will learn to really do something fabulous with it.
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 - my web surfer client of choice.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint free Viewer - so I can see those cool presentations people are always emailing me.
  • Google Earth - so I can keep an eye on my house. No really, I love traveling around with that thing.
Now that I see the list I guess I had better get moving!


Joan Fricker said...

Laura, I still use and love AIM.
Do you have my user name (first part of my email address too). It is my normal user name with 3 at the end.
contact me there and maybe we can chat.


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