Thursday, September 4, 2008

postheadericon CHATIQUE #10 - Computer Crafts

It is just amazing what you find when you are sorting piles of "stuff". I found a fat stack of papers printed about 10 years ago when I was active in a computer crafting group. We were using the latest and greatest software, Print Artist from Sierra. We were called PALs...Print Artist Lovers. We were in an email group and shared our efforts to recreate items crafted by those using paper, rubber stamps, glue and stickers. Then one day someone suggested we all use Print Artist in Sign mode, to tell about something we learned to do in PA and share all of those pages through the email group.

It turned out to be a huge stack of papers covering almost any craft item you can think of. It ran from clever bookmarks, to recipe cards, to door signs, to...Well, you get it.

If you go to my article on the Digital Deck of the magazine SS Reflections in October, you will see the start of my converting the old designs to more modern, polished versions using Photoshop CS2. That is just a starting point. The article is meant to push you in the direction, but it is up to you to take it and run your own path.

I guess I SHOULD tell you that September's article is an interview with an amazing artist I met through my Snowbird Blog, Leslie (lesbag). She asked to use some of my photos in a series of little books about birds, "Saints, she calls them" because the books' pages look like religious icons.


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