Saturday, June 14, 2008

postheadericon CHATIQUE #4 - Quilt Squares

In Chatique #4 we are looking for ways to use up those "Can't Delete" photos. This time we will look at using a group of shots and still have good design. My 2 granddaughters and their parents visited us in Florida. I had already taken so many photos it was embarrassing. I needed to be making pages quickly, but I still want good design.

This week I want you to check Quilt Patterns for inspiration. has a lot free to gather. I took Four-Block and Drunkard’s Path. I used them for a couple of sample layouts for you.


I have found a lot of scrap bookers are also quilters and already have books of patterns. If you aren’t a quilter, you might find one right in your community who won’t mind sharing some patterns with you.

You can use a quilt pattern singly for a scrapbook page like we did, or arrange them in a 4-square, 9-square, or alternate the quilt square with a photo.


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