Sunday, June 8, 2008

postheadericon Chatique #3, Bits and Pieces

Chatique #3 is for ways to use up those "Can't Delete" photos. This time we will look at using the best parts of some of those shots. I have one in which the main subject is out of focus but someone I love in the background is clear and it is a good shot of that person.

Maybe everyone in the picture looks goofy except one person. Maybe the birthday cake looks good but the person blowing out the candles looks really bad. We are going to explore using those bits and pieces.

After I read through a magazine for content, and before I throw it out, I go back through looking for interesting designs in the ads. Many of these work perfectly for bits and pieces.

Someone already suggested “cutting” a pet from other photos and using those bits and pieces in a layout. Weddings, baby-parts, cruises. What else?

Here is an inspiration piece you can save and use.

Save it to your computer hard drive. One way to use it is to place it as the top layer of your layout. Lower the opacity to 50% or even lower if you can still see it. Then build your layout layer by layer underneath. Then remove the inspiration layer, and tweak the bits and pieces. Remember, it is inspiration, and not something to be a slave to.


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