Tuesday, July 14, 2015

postheadericon Step 2 - Organizing your Digital Photos

Day 1 of the "organizing your photos in a week" was a while ago.  I am not finished yet.  I keep finding more camera cards with pictures, mostly ones I already have saved, but you can't be too careful.  Thus, I have a ton of duplicates.  I keep working at cleaning them up but an hour or so at a time is all I can tolerate.

Right now all of the digital photos are organized according to date.  Pictures sent to me by my daughters are undated so that has been fun trying to put them in the right folders.

Meanwhile, I am trying to remove duplicates. 

I have also started organizing the scans of old photos and doccuments in my genealogy.  They are organized differently.  I use an organization I found on Ancestry.com where I am #0001 and it numbers up from there with my  
Father, #0002; Mother, #0003;  
Father's father, #0004; Father's mother, #0005,
Mother's father, #0006; Mother's mother, #0007

The male is always first and so females are always odd numbered and males even.  You get the hang of it easily.  I just have Ancestry run me an Ahnentafel report.  Number ID for ancestors you haven't discovered are held so you never have to renumber.  You get to huge numbers very quickly.  I got to #31450 without a huge amount of genealogy searched.

So my folder of #0040 #0041 Newman Scarlett and Sally Poole, for instance, has scans of their papers and one or two photos.  #0002- #0003, my parents' folder, is full of photos taken after their wedding.  Before they were married, their young photos, are in their parents' folders.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it is.  Nothing has to be renumbered as you discover things.  Actual papers and print-outs are in real file folders in my genealogy file cabinet numbered the same way.  I pencil the Ahnentafel number on print-outs of papers until I can file them.

Ok...almost everything is organized but there are just tons of duplicates.  That is my next task to complete.

I organize the computer file by size of scan and that usually puts the duplicate photos right together.  So much easier than alphabetically because they are named whimsically and often just numbered.  Where possible I rename them starting with the approximate date; i.e. 1945-06-24 Eunice birthday 01.

One day this monumental task WILL be done!


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