Monday, March 30, 2009

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This is a special welcome to everyone visiting here from SS Reflections.Com. SSR has become an Art-Blog Portal and Chatique is listed there.

If you haven't visited SS Reflections, it is an online magazine (E-Zine) devoted to scrapping and stamping arts. All of the articles over the years are archived at the site, including the ones I wrote for almost a year. Now it has loads of Art Blogs listed by "deck". Mine are on the "Digital Deck" and others are on the Stamping Deck, Chapel, Scrapping Deck, etc, so you can find blogs about your particular interests. The Captain, Dawn, has kept the nautical theme to the good ship SS Reflections making this an especially fun site to visit.

If you are new to Chatique, let me give you a little tour. Way back to the first 5 entries you will find a little biography of my journey into digital scrapbooking from paper scrapping in the 1950s while in college, using manila paper, rubber cement, greeting cards, and water colors. From then to the present entry you can find technique articles I have done for this blog and KB and Friends as well as links to other technique articles I have written over the years for Doris Castle's newsletter, - (My Archives), and SS Reflections.

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Long before it was popular, I was trying to decorate arrangements of photos and sentimental items. Here I want to share some of my personal history and more important, some ideas I have gleaned from more than 40 years of scrapping.


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