Saturday, March 26, 2011

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This week the Facebook community, Ancestorville, held a chat on scrapbooking.  Most of their chats have been on researching particular time periods and ethnic groups.  Scrapbooking was something I had only seen them discuss a few times this year.  I decided to check it out.

I was just amazed to find genealogists who were not aware of digital scrapbooking in general, let alone heritage scrapbooking.  In this blog there are links to many places of interest to beginning heritage scrapbookers.  Here are a few others:

Free scrapbooking kits to get you started: --- this page has 25 full free kits that will work with heritage photos. --- This is a whole gallery of free scrapbook elements. --- This is a list of suggested topics for each page of a Lifebook.  A Lifebook celebrates one particular ancestors' life.  I discovered doing ONE phase of the ancestor's life a week and researching JUST that aspect uncovered details I didn't even know were missing.  "Victorian Rose" hosts a weekly chat on lifebooks . Monday Nights at 9 pm (ET) in her chat room.  .

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