Tuesday, January 18, 2011

postheadericon Scrapping While Away

Leaving home for 4 months every winter presents a challenge.  I have NO intention of abandoning my scrapping for that long so the first two years I filled the bed of the F-150 with paper scrapping tools and materials.  During that second year I discovered digital scrapbooking.  Now all I bring down is a monster laptop, and 2 external hard drives.

One of the hard drives has all of my digital photos on it...2004-2011, and heritage photo scans.  The other was supposed to have all of my gigs of digital scrapbooking elements.  I say supposed to because when I hooked it up, the second hard drive was almost empty.  In the confusion of packing I had the elements all sorted and organized on the main hard drive back home, but had neglected to copy them to this drive.

Ah...but I had the layered versions of almost all of my past scrapbook pages so plenty was available.  Also, anything I had acquired in December was on the laptop.  I could lift from previously finished layouts, or just use very recent elements.  They seem to accumulate at a frightening rate.

My favorite kind of scrapbooking is Heritage.  I belong to Heritage Scrap, Digital Scrapbook Place, and Digital Scrapbook Artisans Guild.  They all have wonderful scrapping elements and some have regular chats about heritage scrapping and preserving. 

Here are a couple of recent heritage pages I have done.  The first of the pairs are originals on the hard drive, and the second is made from the elements of the first, one with all new information.

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