Wednesday, June 17, 2009

postheadericon STYLE: Steampunk

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Just when I think I may have a handle on Fantasy, Grunge, and a host of other styles, along comes "Steampunk". Well, it certainlyt isn't anything new. Monty Python's Flying Circus brought the style to my attention with their amusing bridges between skits. L.Frank Baum worked Steampunk into so many of his Oz books. Tick-Tock, the Tin Man, many of the items described in his books were that style; a combination of invention and art.

On the Etsy craft blog Misty Benson presents adorable Steampunk fairies and other characters in the Wizard of Oz steampunk style. Her prints are SO worth a look.

Some of the designers at the Digital Scrapbook Place have created some Steampunk digital scrapbook kits. I used those by Teresa Loman and Lauren Bavin for the above page as well as elements gleaned from many other kits not specifically designed for Steampunk.

Check out Teresa Loman's Steampunk Challenge.

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