Monday, May 18, 2009
Since the last few articles have been about heritage I wanted to share this announcement.

Hey everyone!!!
I have the details of the upcoming Heritage Hunting chat and challenge that I will be hosting starting June 2 at Heritage Scrap digital scrapbooking site. This is for anyone interested in finding out about your family history, genealogy, family tree or family stories, and then preserving and presenting it in attractive ways. Usually that would mean a digital scrapbook page but there are other ways too. It is for beginners or experts! It will be a lot of fun too!
If you are not already a member at Heritage Scrap, you will need to register. It is free and you don't give any financial information or anything. Registering is mainly to keep porn freaks and other spammers off the site.
I'd love to see you stop by and check it out even if you decide that its not for you. You never know, you may end up becoming obsessed with it like I am! LOL
Hope to see lots and lots of genealogists, Family Historians, and scrappers participate in this!! (And lots of my family and friends, which is what YOU are!!)
Hugs and prayers,
Vicki aka LisasMom at Heritage Scrap

See you there?


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