Thursday, November 13, 2008

postheadericon CHATIQUE #18 - Style!!!

There are definite styles in scrapbooking. A few months ago I was quite taken with the "Free-form Style" in Digital Scrapbooking Magazine, in the article by Renee Pearson. Here are 2 of my attempts at that style. Click on the title under the picture to go to the gallery and the full version.

Naughty to Nice

Last month in the Digital Scrapbooking Artisan Guild Notebook they explored Fantasy Style and I jumped in to that one. Lots of fun for a grandmother. I remember attaching little wings to cutouts from photos when I paper scrapped. Here are a couple of those styles.
This month in the Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild Notebook the style was "Composite Style" Again I had to stretch a bit but that is what makes this craft of ours so much fun.
First Roller-blade Les...
Finally, here is one with a bunch of blending styles that evolved from several of these styles.


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