Wednesday, February 28, 2007

postheadericon Part 1 - My Scrapping History

Way back in 1956, when a freshman in college I liked to hand-draw my own greeting cards, especially for dates. Soon some of my dorm-buddies wanted custom cards, too, so I went into business.

From that I progressed to making scrapbook pages after each big event. We always had lots of little gifts from the dances, and formal photos from any of the Greek events. I was using a scrapbook with manila paper pages. I used rubber cement and water colors for decoration. I prized those books, mostly as a record of dating, and sorority events. I remember friends coming into my dorm room the day after an event to see what I had made.

Alas, all of the books, souvenirs and pages were lost right after we moved to our first house in 1966 and the basement flooded. I just hadn't unpacked everything yet. The negatives to snapshots were all lost, too, so there is no photo record of my college years at all.


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Long before it was popular, I was trying to decorate arrangements of photos and sentimental items. Here I want to share some of my personal history and more important, some ideas I have gleaned from more than 40 years of scrapping.


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