Sunday, June 8, 2008

postheadericon Chatique #2, Blending Tchniques

This week we will look at blending techniques that can be used creating a Montage. I have some examples here.

Other blending methods include:
PhotoShop’s MAGIC WAND
MASKS and quick-mask

Today’s technique is MONTAGE-using blending to create a montage.

I used to prefer erasing as an extraction technique. A very helpful technique to use when erasing is to put a red stroke around the layer when you think you are finished to catch any stray pixels. Then take the stroke away.

Paths are also a good way to extract. They require a lot of practice.

Masks stay above the photos, you can move the photos around under the mask. When doing a mask, black erases and white restores. This is quite handy.

If you put paint on a lower layer, you may want to lower the opacity of some of the erased photos.

You can change what the magic wand selects by changing the tolerance.

A WACOM tablet is also a good tool to use for erasing.


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